Conditions of Participation

Falken is starting a new calendar photo competition, and is looking for the best Falken-related images. It’s easy to participate, and you can win great prizes too. The competition is being run by Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, Berliner Straße 74 – 76, 63065 Offenbach am Main/Germany, hereinafter referred to as Falken. The overall campaign includes both a jury vote and a public vote.


The following prizes are up for grabs in the photo campaign:

1st place to 13th place will each receive:

- a copy of the calendar and

- 2 tickets each to the 2019 24h race at the Nürburgring and
(any costs incurred, such as travel costs, to be borne by the winner)

- a set of Falken tyres of the winner’s choice (no rims, only passenger car or SUV)


You can take part in the photo competition by submitting an image you have taken using the application provided. The application phase of the photo competition lasts until 23/09/2018 at 12:00 PM. The voting phase runs concurrently with the application phase until 23/09/2018 at 12:00 PM. Then the jury voting is held, with results announced on 25/09/2018 at 12:00 PM.

Natural persons who are at least 18 years of age are entitled to participate. Participation is not restricted to customers of the event organiser, and no purchase of goods or services is required to participate. If a participant has limited legal capacity, they must obtain consent from their legal representative to participate.


Announcement of winners and prize awards:
A jury will select the winners, taking the voting into account. Their decision will not be dependent on public voting. The jury is composed of employees of the event organiser from the Media and Motorsports area. Competition winners will be informed of their victory in a separate e-mail, and hereby declare with their confirmation of these conditions of participation that their names (first and last names) may be published on Falken websites during the campaign term, until roughly the end of 2017. Their names will be deleted after the end of the campaign.

Prizes will be distributed only to the winner, or to the winner's legal representative. Exchanges, assignments, personal pick-up, and cash payments for prizes are not allowed. Any costs incurred to ship the prizes (within Germany) will be borne by the event organizer. The winner is personally responsible for any taxes charged on prizes.

Additional costs associated with accepting the prize, such as costs for travel, are not included in the prize and will be borne by the winner.

The prize claim will expire if we are not able to reach the winner, if the winner does not answer our enquiries, or if the winner does not accept their prize after 21 days, calculated from the initial publication of winners. A participant may only win one prize.


The purpose of voting is to achieve an objective result for the competition. Because of this, we have attempted to create a fair voting process. The jury may review the votes submitted at any time, so voting multiple times for the same entry is not useful, nor is it desirable. Each e-mail address is entitled to one vote.


The event organiser reserves the right to exclude such participants from the competition if there are certifiable voting irregularities.


Image rights:
By submitting their photo, the participant confirms that they own the submitted photo and hold all rights to said photo. The participant ensures that there are no third party rights to submitted images, and undertakes to indemnify the event organiser from any third party claims due to a violation of image rights.


By uploading their photo, the participant assigns FALKEN a non-exclusive right to use the uploaded photo for an unlimited period of time in all media, as well as to distribute, publish, and edit said photo. The participant expressly declares their consent to publish their image, in particular on the event organiser's website and on various social media, as well as to distribute the image in print form (in particular as a calendar).


Exclusion from the competition:
Falken reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition if the submitted photos violate valid law or good taste. This also applies to violations of the conditions of participation, and attempts to manipulate the competition.


End of the competition:
Falken expressly reserves the right to cancel the competition without prior announcement and without notification of grounds. This applies in particular to those grounds that would interfere with or prevent the competition being carried out as planned, or if it is not possible to carry out the competition properly for technical reasons.


Data privacy
Participants must submit personal information to take part in the competition. The participant ensures that the personal information they provide, in particular their first and last name and e-mail address, are correct and truthful.

The event organiser would like to note that no personal participant information is transmitted to third parties, nor is use of such information granted to third parties without the user’s consent. However, the participant hereby declares their consent to have their personal data collected, saved, and used solely for the purpose of carrying out the competition, and that the event organiser is also entitled in this context to transfer the data to third parties for the purpose of carrying out the competition, and in particular to the agency and hosting companies helping to run the competition.

The company commissioned with carrying out the vote (limited liability) is an exception. This company must collect, save, and use the data for the purpose of carrying out the competition.

If the participant wins, they declare their consent to having their name and place of residence published by the event organiser in its advertising media. This includes announcing the winners on the organiser's website and social media platforms.

The participant may also revoke their declared consent at any time in written form. The revocation must be submitted to the event organiser in written form. Sending the revocation to in written form is also sufficient.


Exclusion of recourse to legal action
Questions or complaints related to the competition must be directed to the event organiser.

Recourse to legal action is excluded.

Contact information is provided on the Legal Notice of the application used. The operator's competition is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Severability clause:
If a provision of these conditions of participation should be or become invalid, in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation. The legally permissible regulation that comes as close as possible to expressing the economic meaning and purpose of the invalid provision shall be deemed agreed in its place. The same applies to any contractual gaps in these conditions of participation.


The Falken team wishes you lots of luck, and success!