Falken Calendar Voting

By fans, for fans: Falken is giving you the chance to design your own calendar. Check out the following pages to learn how.

All you have to do is upload your favourite Falken image. It doesn’t matter whether it's a Porsche on the Nordschleife track, our drifter spinning out, or a portrait of one of our drivers -  whatever you like! Our jury, chosen from our Falken motorsports team, will select the best images for you.



What's the idea behind the campaign?

We're racing fans just like you, and we love great Falken images – that’s why we want to help you bring the best photos into your home.

That’s also why we’re calling on you once again this year to submit your best photos and have the chance to be part of our 2020 calendar.

What's the process behind the campaign?

During the application phase, you can apply and submit your photos by 14/10/2019 (at 12 PM).

In the voting phase, which runs at the same time as the application phase, you can put your favourite photos (or your own!) ahead of the competition with your votes. You can also get your friends, family, etc. to vote too!

Once the TOP 50 photos have been selected by 14/10/2019 (at 12 PM), a jury chosen from our Falken Motorsports team will pick the 13 winners during the intermediate phase. These winners will make it into the calendar and be rewarded with the prizes described below. Winners will be announced on 17/10/2019.

How does the application work?

If you want to take part in the campaign, all you have to do is fill out the ­application form below. You will then receive a preview of the image you submit, as it will appear later on the website.

Once you're satisfied with your image, send in your application so we can review it. This usually doesn’t take more than 48 hours.

You will receive a written confirmation once your image has been approved for the campaign.

What do I need to keep in mind in my application?

Please adhere to the specified upload requirements to prevent your submission from being rejected. To ensure that your photo looks great in the calendar, make sure it has the following features:

  • Photo size: minimum 5 MB, maximum 20 MB
  • Photo format: Minimum width of 3000 pixels, landscape format optimal, 300dpi
  • Permitted formats: jpeg, jpg, png

All other information and conditions are provided in the particip­ation conditions.

How can you boost your image?

After your application is approved, your image will start with 0 votes. However, it will be posted at the top of the overview of all the submissions. Your image will move down as it receives more votes. The earlier you apply, the longer you have a chance to get more votes!

You can use the search function to find your image more quickly.

Once you've selected your favourites, you’ll be guided to the image's detail page. You can vote for an image there. In addition, you can share it on social networks or elsewhere to get more votes.

How does voting work?

It’s simple: Starting now, you can vote for your favourites here on the campaign page through 14/10/2019 (12 PM). Tell your friends and family, and ask them to vote too.

To vote for a specific candidate, click on their submission by opening a voting detail page. This page gives you details on the submission and the form where you can add your vote.

You must enter a valid e-mail address in the form to vote. Once you’ve sent in your form, your vote will be counted!

One thing to remember: An e-mail address can only be used once during the entire campaign period! Make your choice carefully before you send in your vote.

What prizes can I win?

Participants whose images make it into the Falken calendar will receive a copy of the calendar plus two tickets to the 2020 24h race at the Nürburgring, as well as a set of Falken tyres of their choice (no rims, passenger car and SUV only).

When will the winners be chosen?

After 14/10/2019, the Falken Motorsports Team (a jury consisting of employees of the event organizer from the media and motorsports division) will select the 13 winning images, taking votes submitted into account.

We will announce the winners on this page on 17/10/2019. They will also be informed in writing via e-mail or by telephone. We wish all of our participants lots of fun and success!


The 13 winning images will each take home these prizes:

The 13 images that make it into the calendar will receive:

  • One copy of the calendar each
  • Two tickets each to the 2020 24h race
  • One set each of Falken tyres of their choice (no rims, passenger car or SUV only)



The decision is made!
We present the 13 winner: